Jarvis Eclipse

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Jarvis Eclipse
Jarvis Eclipse
Jarvis Eclipse
Jarvis Eclipse

MCN (Modern Cloth Nappies)

One size fits most (as they have snaps to adjust 3kg-16kg) Newborn hack can be used as they are a super trim fit nappies and aren't super bulky. 

Extra snaps have been added along the front to suit bigger babies and will grow with your babe until they are toilet training

Athletic Jersey lining

Easy to stuff with pocket style (opening back and front)

You can also choose to have insert on bubs skin as option to use inserts on outside of athletic jersey is also an option

Thicker back elastic

Three rows of snaps and hip snaps

Tummy waterproof PUL

Waterproof PUL tabs

Coloured Snaps

Inserts included- 1x longer bamboo cotton 5 layer insert which snaps in with a smaller 5 layer bamboo cotton insert.  Total is 10 layer Bamboo cotton

If you have any questions about cloth nappies please let me know.

You can also receive the how to fit guide and some extra information on how to use/wash if you are interested in this please just say 'EXTRA INFORMATION' in notes on checkout.

Cloth nappies can be very overwhelming but they don't have to be, please reach out if you have any questions

Nappies are produced offshore and one of the main reasons for offshore production is the cost and volume of product required. For me the experience is that mass production in Australia is just not financially viable if reusable nappies are to be made accessible to more families. There is no manufacturer in Australia who can currently produce modern cloth nappies to the standard required, let alone produce the amount needed to keep up with demand, regular seasonal releases and can keeps cost down to make MCN available for all families

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