MONTi & Co.

My name is Mel, I am a furmum of two gorgeous puppers and one handsome kitty.   I work as a Vet nurse,  inspired by my love for animals and creative nature I  hand-make fun, funky pet products for other furry friends to enjoy and look fabulous .

MONTi & Co. is Brisbane based and ships all over Australia. Worldwide shipping can be arranged at additional costs. 

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Miss Turbo is a 5 year old Staffy x Shar pei and is my little princess, she has alot of sass about her and is very confident.  She gives the BEST morning snuggles

Oreo-Rose is a 4 year old Staffy x Lab (or so we think) and needs all the attention ALL the time. She is very much a mummies girl and will never let me out of her sight.  She will be anyones friend for food.

Choppa is my handsome kitty who is only 2 and is loved by his sisters although Miss will often put him in his place.  He is so smoochy and loves a cuddle, Choppa will sit and wait for his food like his big sisters.